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GENSHIN IMPACT X KNY READER. 63.3K 1.8K 24. (She/Her Reader) (DISCONTINUED, OLD AND CRINGE) This story takes place after the demon lord himself was defeated, even though he and the Twelve Moons were gone, there are still left over demons that still roams in this world, which is why the Demon Slayer Corp isn't disband yet.Reader is a ballet dancer. Reader is also a spicy dancer. Slow Burn. Eventual Smut. Eventual Romance. You are a ballet dancer in Fontaine. A new influx of fame could help you get out of your other, more provocative job. However, it makes ends meet, so it won't be an easy thing to do. The Duke of the Fortress of Meropide, Wriothesley, is forced ...Top Alhaitham (Genshin Impact) Bottom Kaveh (Genshin Impact) Series of smutty one-shots or two-shots based on a certain kink or prompt, inspired by 100 Kink Challenge by peach_n_creamm. MAJOR SHIPS: Zhongli/Childe 🔶💧, Xiao/Aether 👹☀️, Diluc/Kaeya 🔥 ️. MINOR SHIPS: Beidou/Ningguang ⚓💲, Jean/Lisa⚡🌼, Ayato/Thoma 🧋 ...

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Y/N L/N - Young and energetic Hydro Catalyst user. In order to escape her old life and arranged marriage, she gets invited to join the Fatui by the Tsaritsa herself. Ge... You were normal girl until you got transported into the world of Genshin Impact as the mother of Dottore who is bounded to die in his hands.Jul 2, 2023 · Genshin Impact Fluffs and Smuts. Creator: hibiscup. Series Begun: 2021-10-15. Series Updated: 2023-07-02. Description: Please note that this story contains rated 18+ content! 原神 | Genshin Impact (Video Game) The story follows Txen Xingqiu the 3rd child of Txen Zhongli, the emperor of the Liyuen empire although he is the 3rd child, he somehow managed to secure the throne. The story of the Txen empirical family and the wives that sacrificed to the mountains that ate the lives of its people.Kazuha x reader. (Smut!!) You huffed as you waited at the docks for the Cruz to appear. You had gotten a letter from your lover, Kazuha, saying he was coming back soon. For what felt like hours, did you wait. Til a really loud yell was heard. It was Beidou's. You had fallen asleep on the crate you were on.Fatui Harbinger Crepus (Genshin Impact) Diluc mysteriously leaves on a mission. A few months later the knights of favonius find a scroll that could change everything. It’s rumoured to explain the origin of the Hilichurls. While Lisa is tasked to translate the scroll, Kaeya is tasked to fill Diluc in the situation.ⵌ genshin impact drabbles (sumeru edition) feat. various! sumeru characters (including nsfw/sfw/angst). nsfw is fem! reader and sfw is gn! reader tumblr: @anantaru ©2024 anantaru do not repost, copy, translate, modify, claim as your own Khaenri'ah Lore (Genshin Impact) Genshin Impact Lore. "The devil cried at a burial once and hid the knife with his tail." Opting to be anywhere but home, far away from the watchful eyes of the Akademiya, (insert name) traveled between the rest of the nations, just to hide a secret like the rest, a secret of lunacy. Hope you're okay with that. Characters Included: Xiao; Wanderer. Content: gender neutral reader; angst; comfort; hurt/comfort; established relationship; arguments between them and reader; shouting and cursing at reader in wanderer's scenario; Kunikuzushi/Kuni is being used for Wanderer. Word count: 2,2k words.Genshin Impact x Hazbin Hotel Reader ----- What happens when you, the Radio Demon, get interrupted by a certain spider's pig when doing a spell that could improve t... diluc; xiao; kaeya +9 more # 11. Lyney, Lynette and Freminet in My... by Yuinoah. 30.3K 1.6K 20. The Fontaine siblings find themselves in another world after a failed magic trick ...Apr 27, 2024 · genshin impact virgin!Genshin Impact boys x reader submissive and breedable. you’re highly experienced, but they’re not. they've never done this. do you know how sensitive they’ll become when they haven’t been touched there before? they can’t help it when they beg – they’re just so desperate for you... Smut; Threesome; Female Reader; AFAB reader - Freeform; Rape/Non-con Elements; Cervix Fucking; Breeding Kink; Soft dom!Childe; Hair Pulling ... I will add more characters soon, I promise! Some of these are either various Genshin men x reader or a specific Genshin man x reader. It will be labeled, I post on Tumblr as well, so if you have a ...Reader is Not Traveler (Genshin Impact) (16) Smut (12) Reader-Insert (11) Fluff (7) Dubious Consent (7) Manipulation (7) Angst (6) Rough Sex (6) Fatui Harbingers (Genshin Impact) (6) Not Beta Read (5) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Include crossovers; Exclude crossovers; Show only crossovers;Just a big book of Genshin x Reader one shots/stories I've decided to create in my free time! Some chapters will be longer than others and some shorter it all depends on when and how inspiration strikes me. ... Reader-Insert (15) Smut (12) One Shot (11) Fluff and Angst (10) Hurt/Comfort (9) Domestic Fluff (7) Other Additional Tags to Be Added ...which genshin x reader should you read? (includes both wattpad and quotev stories!) which genshin impact character would date you. July 21, 2022 …You stared up at him, He stared down at you. you started to huff. 'oh no' the thought 'they're gonna cry'. and cry you did. You screamed your lungs out as he tried everything to calm you down. He even tried to feed you his blood, which only made you scream louder. He got you to calm down by giving you Ohagi.162. Parts. 4. Time. 16m. Start reading. Emerald911. Ongoing. You, traveler, are hoein around with all of the various characters in Genshin ️. I don't write smut nor …← Previous Work Part 13 of Genshin Impact Fluffs and Smuts Next Work → Stats: Published: 2021-10-26 Completed: 2021-10-26 Words: 1,932 Chapters: 2/2 Comments: 15 Kudos: 508 Bookmarks: 12 Hits: 18,702. Xiao x Reader {FLUFF AND SMUT} hibiscup. Summary: Xiao and a mutual friend meet and make an acquaintance. Chapter 1: TWO IN ONE - XIAO1K 36 9. heizou shikanoin x gender neutral reader ⚘ in which the friendly criminal justice major takes a liking to the local barista. he wants to get close to them, maybe get to... Completed. heizou. heizoutextfic. baristaau. +9 more. Read the most popular heizouxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.Lyney royalty Au♡. Synopsis: lyney is a street magician that you seen 3 weeks before your birthday. After your dad sees you mesmerized by his magic show he decides to buy lyney and his siblings to be your personal magicians. Little did your dad know that this would be the biggest mistake he ever made. Word count: 569.Square Reader is a powerful and convenient tool for businessWith the rise of technology and the increasing popu Apr 27, 2024 · A collection of reader-insert romantic headcanons and drabbles with the Genshin men. Chapter 7: Confessing their love for you with the help of a wingman. Chapter 8: Falling asleep and waking up together with them. Chapter 9: Their reactions to your death. Chapter 10: Kissing headcanons for Fontaine men. genre: fluff, gn! reader, sharing kisses, he's struggling, reas ⬳ { SOCIAL MEDIA AU } ⇜⇝ { COMPLETED. } winter totally expects to get drunk at parties. what she doesn't expect, however, is to text the wrong number drunk, who turns...Arlecchino (Genshin Impact)/Reader; Character: Arlecchino (Genshin Impact) Additional Tags: Praise Kink; Top Arlecchino (Genshin Impact) Master/Servant; Oral Sex; Vaginal Fingering; Language: English Stats: Published: 2023-08-05 ... First time writing smut here I go🧍♂️ ... 20 Apr 2024. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Zhongli (

genshin smut its mainly male reader for reasons no use of y/n no requests. Read more. 6 parts. See all. auto car-sato m reader. Sat, Jul 2, 2022. diluc m reader dress. Sun, Jul 31, 2022. pantalone m reader thighs. Wed, Dec 7, 2022. Content Guidelines. Report this story. You may also like. Read sub-furina x reader *smut from the story imagines | genshin impact by 0X1-L0VES0NG (namo~) with 1,781 reads. focalors, freminet, charlotte. this is reall... Khaenri'ah Lore (Genshin Impact) Genshin Impact Lore. "The devil cried at a burial once and hid the knife with his tail." Opting to be anywhere but home, far away from the watchful eyes of the Akademiya, (insert name) traveled between the rest of the nations, just to hide a secret like the rest, a secret of lunacy.Nov 5, 2020 · collection of genshin x reader hcs cross-posted with my tumblr. Language: English Words: 53,241 Chapters: 52/52 Comments: 25 Kudos: 1,197 Bookmarks: 95 Hits: 35,674. Show Most Recent Bookmarks

↳ [ INSANITY ] ━ yandere alastor x fem! reader ┕ 𝐈𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡, (y/n) dies and f... personal slave. 54 parts Ongoing . 54 parts. Ongoing. Taehyung is appointed as a personal slave of Jungkook the true blood alpha prince of blue moon kin... You may also like 𝓢𝓮𝓮 𝓜𝓮. 41 parts Ongoing ...I'll break you (Dottore X Fem Reader) 110K 4K 24. TW- Swearing, Violence, Graphic Imagery When Y/N, a genius scientist, is sought after by the Fatui for discovering the key to their victory, she's taken hostage under none other than The Doctor, Il Dottore. Upon meeting each other, neither can shake the feeling of wanting to know more.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Genshin Impact Lore. "The devil cried at a burial. Possible cause: Everyone except for Itto and Alhaitham are side characters. Sex Toys. Threesome - F/M/M..

imagines | genshin impact. Fanfiction. meow? # charlotte # clorinde # focalors # fontaine # freminet # furina # genshin # genshinimpact # lynette # lyney # navia # neuvillette # sigewinne # wriothesley. sub-furina x reader *smut. 1.7K 31 4. by 0X1-L0VES0NG. this is really short bc I'm bad at writing full length smuts sorry 🙏.Female Reader. gender neutral reader. ⵌ a collection of genshin impact feat. various! male characters nsfw headcanons. (sometimes sfw because even i can't be horny 24/7) nsfw is fem! reader while sfw is gn! reader. tumblr: @anantaru. ©2024 anantaru do not repost, copy, translate, modify, claim as your own.GENSHIN IMPACT x READER drabbles & oneshots (collection one) ꒰꒰﹕♡ I'D DO ANYTHING FOR A LOVE LIKE THIS . . . ★☆・・────────────・・ the world is full of sorrow, and yet you found yourself lost in the big pool of emotions, there they were, right in front of you, served to save you.

原神 | Genshin Impact (Video Game) You wake up in the dead of night. All the lights were off, even in your room. Once your eyes adjust to the darkness, you notice something different from your room when you fall asleep. Dimly, moonlight lit up an empty bed, as you pushed yourself up from the floor.Headcanons, oneshots, fanfics and drabbles of characters from Genshin Impact (could be x reader or ship!) genshinimpactfanfics; genshinimpactdrabbles; kazuhaxreader +20 more # 8. #原神 genshin impact oneshots by TENJ1KU. 317K 3K 23Explore the latest posts from @kapshidalove blog that has 69 posts and 4853 likes and last updated on 4:15 PM · Mar 3, 2023. he/him lesbian. nsfw writer. minors dni. itzy rv …

← Previous Work Part 10 of Genshin Impact Fluffs and Smu Tiny dragon Zhongli purrs in delight and licks your cheek, eyes blissfully closed as he enjoys the attention he's receiving. His little paws cling to your top as his chunky tail wags like crazy. On leisurely days like these, he adores lounging around like this with you. "Ah, there's not a single being softer, warmer, or cuter than you," you ... diluc x reader || a genshin impact smut fanfiction orphangenshin x reader smut. genshin impact heizou. Smut. NSFW. heizou nee Reader is Traveler (Genshin Impact) Alternate Universe - Writing & Publishing. Depressing. Bittersweet. Lisa's best friend, Y/n M/n L/n, is dying, but doesn't want to leave Lisa without a heartfelt love letter of unconfessed love and affection that could not be put into simple words to never be forgotten.Shenhe (Genshin Impact) Thoma (Genshin Impact) Yoimiya (Genshin Impact) Oneshots and Headcanons about Genshin Impact Characters/Reader that were originally posted to my Tumblr: imagineimagineimagine. Chapter 1 includes an index on the different headcanons and which characters they are about. Language: English. Words: Everyone except for Itto and Alhaitham are side characters. Sex Toys. Childe x Male Reader. GIF by ikizais. June 20, Post 16 of the "30 Days Fanfic Event". (This takes place when Scaramouche is a Fatui harbinger) HARBINGER READER Ft. Scaramouche. It was love at first sight, the way his eyes looked at you when you passed by in the cold hallways of the Zapolyarny Palace. One could see the hearts in Tartaglia’s ... Top Alhaitham (Genshin Impact) Bottom Kaveh (Genshin Impact)slowly falling. cyno x reader. Cyno knew hisA various Genshin x reader fic, where the you can wield a Discover more posts about genshin impact x reader, genshin impact x you, genshin impact imagines, genshin x reader, genshin impact headcanons, genshin drabbles, and genshin fluff. ... dragon! neuvillette, human! female! reader, fluff, cuddling, smut, monster fucking, overstimulation, breeding-> your life turns upside down once you find out the ...Summary: ⵌ threesome feat. heizou x fem! reader x kazuha. tumblr: @anantaru do not! share, copy or repost my work. ©ANANTARU 2022 A disclaimer that not every chapter has smuts!!! Please do read ⵌ genshin impact drabbles feat. various! characters (including nsfw/sfw/angst). ⵌ contains characters from mondstadt, liyue, inazuma, sumeru, fontaine + fatui harbingers. nsfw is fem! reader and sfw is gn! reader. tumblr: @anantaru. ©2024 anantaru do not repost, copy, translate, modify, claim as your own. An assemble of various Genshin Impact x Reader inserts. Warning: Con[Chapter Text. A = Aftercare (what they’re like after seReader is Not Traveler (Genshin Impact) As the prophecy ikaroux. text post. Xiao: Be mine NSFW (part 4 EN) (18+) f!reader. Edited on 11 Jul 2021, error correction. Fanfiction purely and simply 18+. Minors are advised not to read this fanfiction. NSFW. French version. Xiao x reader (F) Who are you ? (part 1) (EN) Xiao x reader (F) Always (part 2) (EN) Xiao x Reader (F) Living free, at your side.